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We are a fully remote, purpose-driven team on a mission to help a billion people to feel more in control of their health and wellbeing through self-care.

💡 Enable a person to make informed choices based on their own data to improve their own health, repeat many times across many people, and it adds up to a global-scale result. We have consistently great reviews and an NPS of 90%+ so we’re doing something right!

This also translates to how we operate as a company. We care about each others' health and we do not want one another to burn out. We are a close-knit, driven, empathetic team, passionate about creating a product that improves the health of others, without sacrificing our own too much in doing so!

A healthy, compassionate work environment is paramount to us functioning to the best of our abilities (✈️ There is a reason you're told to put on your own oxygen mask before attending to others!).

We are now well suited for growth and for making Bearable the most versatile and intelligent health tracker in the world.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, reach out, we'd love to meet you! Team Bearable

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Full Stack Developer [React Native] -📍Remote

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💥 About Bearable

We want to empower people to reclaim control over their wellbeing, helping them and their doctors understand their health better, with the ultimate goal of reducing the huge costs of unnecessary treatments and doctor visits ($756 billion each year in the US alone).

We already have 600k total users having just released in 2020, and this is just the beginning, we have barely scratched the surface of Bearable's potential and we have a super exciting 2022 roadmap packed with game-changing features we can't wait to release to the world.

⚡️TLDR: It's an exciting time to join us!

❓ Why Bearable?

We make comprehensive health tracking engaging and enjoyable, so that people are more motivated to stay on top of their health.

Why keep everything in 5+ different apps!? Not only is that overwhelming, but it makes no sense to keep everything in separate apps when all elements of your health tracking are so interconnected. We help people get the full picture and spot unique health correlations, such as how people's daily habits and behaviors impact Mood, Symptoms, Energy levels and Sleep quality!